Diane & Denis

We would like to share with you the experience that we experienced during the construction of our first home. Obviously, we suspected that it was a huge task to undertake but thanks to the support of Les Bâtisseurs du Nord, this proved much less stressful than we envisioned. It is a very experienced, available, reassuring team and very respectful of the needs of their clients. Their collaboration has not denied throughout this project and the deadlines were met. The result was beyond our expectations. Now we can enjoy our home in this corner of paradise. We strongly recommend Les Bâtisseurs du Nord that will accompany you in all frankness and with exceptional professionalism.

Yolande & Gilles

For the ease that they supported us in our project, for the happy experience they made us live from beginning to end. From the first meeting, Stéphane Lemay puts us in confidence by his friendly attitude and frank and sincere smile. We feel that this house, like us, he wants solid, comfortable and beautiful. He listens to our needs and even our fantasies. He puts us in touch with suppliers that will help us in our choice of materials. We sometimes had vague ideas and he understood exactly what we want, by bringing a personal touch and improvements that had escaped us. He guides us with his advice throughout the process of the realization of this great project that is the building of our home. Respectful builders, happy owners is what makes the success of this great family of the Domaine des 4 Collines.

Suzanne & Marc

Following three years of searching for the perfect home in the Laurentians, we found Domaine des 4 Collines when visiting the “Cottage & Country Homes Show” in 2007. This project was in its beginning and had a huge potential. Stephane Lemay represented the project and when we meet him, right away we knew we could trust him and were in good hands to realize our home.  A relationship of trust was established immediately and it was reassuring to know that the team formed by the Lemay family lived on the site.  That trust has enable us to build a custom quality home that meet our requirements with the support of a team of passionate and experienced peoples at all levels.  There are almost 5 years now that we lived permanently at Domaine des 4 Collines and are always pleased with our house, services and investment.

Nicole & Tor

We wish to express our great satisfaction following the construction of our home. From our first meeting we found the professionalism and the listening quality of Domaine des 4 Collines and Bâtisseurs du Nord team that we bought our dream lot that very same day to build for our retirement. The beauty and the concept of the Domaine des 4 Collines simply charmed us. The breathtaking scenery, connecting with nature and tranquility were key factors in our desire to settle in this beautiful location. The construction of our house was done through advice and expertise of Stéphane Lemay. It met our needs while respecting our budget. He built our house as he would have built his own. We had promised that. The quality of materials, the quality of suppliers and the quality and workmanship of Les Bâtisseurs du Nord made that we love our home and we feel safe.

André & Pierre

Overall, we are very satisfied and consider having a good experience with Les Bâtisseurs du Nord. We were well advised to choose the lot. We choose a model home but we appreciated the support, openness and listening to our needs in order to make some changes. We had a nice choice of materials and the finish is impeccable. The result exceeds our expectations. It is a beautiful turnkey project. Finally, and this was a key point in our adventure, the delivery date was met. Again, we are very satisfied. Proud new residents of Domaine des 4 Collines.


“What! You are having a house built, are you crazy? At your age you should be going into a condo, not embarking in a construction project …” What my friends and family did not know is that I was dealing with the Lemay Family from Les Bâtisseurs du Nord at Domaine des 4 Collines. What are the advantages of living at 4 Collines? I have been living here for a short time, but I realize that it is inhabited by good people who love nature, who enjoy the outdoors, who come together for activities while maintaining their privacy and independence. The electric gate at the entrance and the vigilance of neighbors guarantees safety. My best argument to settle at the Domaine, it is Guy who provided it to me during one of our first meetings. He said: My family and I live in here, our customers become our friends and I want to be able to salute them proudly when we cross parts, not want to look away. So we are doing everything we can to ensure that our residents are happy to be here with us. Another good point, my sister has a property assessment specialty from university. The first time she came to my home, she literally scrutinized the house under the microscope and found nothing but quality.




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